Aviation Status Dashboard

All Your Aviation Data...At The Speed of Flight

Software as a Service

The Aviation Status Dashboard is a Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) product licensed as a Software as a Service (SaaS) and paid annually. This is a typical model for agile developed applications. Major applications today like Facebook, Twitter, Adobe creative suite and Microsoft products all use agile or hybrid agile development. This technique and the licensing for this methodology is at the heart of the Aviation Status Dashboard.

The SaaS model is far better for customers. Offering an annual SaaS license offers a low cost to the customer, allows for better support, and helps with dealing with issues before the customer is aware. As existing modules and tools are improved, those elements will be updated at no cost to the customer.

Schedule a Demonstration

There are two ways to schedule a demonstration of the ASD.

  • An Online demonstration using Adobe Connect is a cost-effective way to see the highlights of the ASD.
  • An On-site demonstration allows for more in depth views and discussions about the ASD’s many features.

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License Purchase

The Aviation Status Dashboard pays for itself by displacing older, antiquated Aviation work flows. In addition, much of the modules and tools within the Aviation Status Dashboard are hard to quantify monetarily. Many of the features such as AFTP logging and administration, as well as reading file administration will save your Soldiers’ time in addition to helping improve your organization’s communication.

Your Aviation organization can purchase an annual license using the Federal Acquisition Request for Proposal (RFP) process. A sample RFP is available below.

Additionally, your organization can request a 30-day trial license using your Government Purchase Card.  This is good for use at one Army Aviation Support Facility.

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