Using a classic process of Scan-Assess-Develop-Implement-Monitor in its approach to problem solving, Rough Rider Consulting also collaborates closely with our clients to develop the best, most cost-effective solution.  We enable our clients to change the way they think about and see the environment, enabling them to do things they could never do before. We build capability, not dependence.

We help you Own Your Future.

  • IT Design and Implementation
    • Many times technology can be a solution in search of a problem. Our expert staff of CIO’s, software engineers, and application specialists will assist your organization in developing technology improvements that focus on a practical application that increases capabilities and saves costs.
  • Training Strategies
    • Your organization is only as good as it’s people. Investing in human capital through effective training strategies is critical in an ever competitive market place.  Our training experts will help to develop and implement these strategies.
  • Team Building
    • Highly effective teams are the hallmark of an effective organization. Let Rough Rider Consulting experts help you analyze and develop effective solutions for this part of your business.
  • Policy & Procedure
    • In a confusing environment of confusing and contradictory regulations, Rough Rider Consulting’s experts can help your organization maneuver thru this maze while developing simple and effective local policies to stay within legal and regulatory frameworks.
  • Strategic Planning
    • An organization is only as good as the leadership at the top and the vision and direction that drives it. Rough Rider Consulting has years of experience in developing effective vision, strategic goals, and practical implementation to take your organization to the next level.
  • Crisis Management
    • In a world where your organization’s reputation can hang on the next Tweet or Facebook post, you need well thought out plans for dealing with crisis management. Rough Rider Consulting can help develop this important skill set.

Want to discuss a project? Rough Rider Consulting is ready to go!